Nuggets’ verified digital identities give you a secure, seamless, one-time process for verifying new customers.

Meet the BSA FATF, KYC and AML requirements, save time and money, and become a trusted partner for clients. All in one go.

All your customers have to do is scan government issued IDs (like a passport or driving licence), confirm with biometrics. Private, secure, verified, cryptographically assured credentials only with the relevant parties.

And because they’re reusable, our identities and credentials save customers time and fuss. Once they’ve uploaded their information, their credentials can be re-used and re-verified as many times as required. Self-sovereign trusted transactions every time.

FATF Requirements

Nuggets resolves FATF Travel Rule

Nuggets helps satisfy AML and CTF obligations and safeguards PII data.

  • Nuggets verifies and screens customers are legitimate before they even connect to the service
  • We tie every transaction to a verified identity
  • Through Nuggets, the information is transmitted “immediately” and “securely” consistent with FATF requirements
  • Our self sovereign auditable nuggets mean you no longer need to keep PII data but are granted access to data for regulatory and auditing purposes
  • Auditable data is maintained in an encrypted form on a secure cloud based system accessible only by an institutions own Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)
  • VASPs and FIs are verified and establish DID preventing fake VASPs masquerading as legitimate VASPs
  • Nuggets self sovereign identities mean that individuals own and control their data preventing harvesting, data mining, and selling user PII data
  • Accuracy is guaranteed through cryptographic proof with W3C Verifiable Credentials
  • Without fulfilling the rules of the transaction no transaction could take place
  • Nuggets uses the Open DID standard allowing for global interoperability
  • Nuggets can be combined with wallets address verification products & services

Auditable nuggets

We protect customer privacy by giving the designated parties access to time-restricted nuggets of information, for regulatory or auditing purposes. No one else has access. That means streamlined compliance, massively reduced risk of a breach, and fewer data storage costs.

Reviews backed by validated IDs Reviews backed by validated IDs

Owned and controlled by the customer

With Nuggets, you can offer self-sovereign trusted transactions with a reusable digital identity and secure digital document vault – at no extra cost. Become a trusted partner for clients, and gain an edge on the competition.

Owned and controlled by the customer Owned and controlled by the customer

Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform.

Nuggets is a white-label identity solution. Deploy it the way that makes sense for you and your customers. It integrates with compliance processes, payments and your customer experience.

Consumer-grade and enterprise-ready.

Nuggets is available on Android and iOS, desktop and multiplatform.

Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform. Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform.