Contactless delivery, biometrically verified

Our biometric delivery confirmation guarantees verified delivery of a package to the right recipient. That’s essential for avoiding losses through fraud, chargebacks and returns. It also offers greater privacy and security for customers.

Last-mile delivery

Billions are lost every year by customers, merchants and couriers alike, because of failed deliveries. Parcels are lost, returned, re-delivered, sent to the wrong address, or involved in fraud or chargeback claims. As well as the financial losses, there’s all the inconvenience, frustration and reputational damage.

Nuggets’ biometrically verified, contactless deliveries make life easier for customers, merchants and couriers. Using Nuggets reduces the risk of fraud, chargebacks and returns, as well as increasing convenience, privacy and security. The result: everyone saves money.

Last-mile delivery Last-mile delivery

Fraud reduction

Social distancing has made contactless delivery a global requirement. This has created an increase in fraudulent chargebacks, hitting merchants’ bottom line.

COVID-19-related fraud has leapt dramatically. This ranges from phishing activities with stolen credentials released into the eCommerce payments chain, through to “friendly fraud” – which recent research suggests has soared to as much as 80% of all merchant chargebacks. The issue of redeliveries has also become a huge problem. In 2018 in the UK alone, the cost was reported at over £1.6bn (US$2bn).

Nuggets is the answer. With Nuggets, your customers can biometrically verify that they have received a delivery.

Biometrically verified proof-of-delivery via a digital ID means you don’t even have to open the door. It becomes part of the whole experience of access, payment, customer service and contactless delivery.

Verification is the heart of the issue – and the solution. Nuggets verified IDs ensure both immutable proof of provenance and guaranteed proof of delivery. Combined with biometric verification from the purchaser, this creates a powerful confirmation system.

Fraud reduction Fraud reduction

Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform.

Nuggets is a white-label identity solution. Deploy it the way that makes sense for you and your customers. It integrates with compliance processes, payments and your customer experience.

Consumer-grade and enterprise-ready.

Nuggets is available on Android and iOS, desktop and multiplatform.

Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform. Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform.