You should own and control your personal information. No one else.

Privacy is a fundamental human right. And it’s being stripped away. It’s time to change the way we
store personal data.

Nuggets is a decentralized, self-sovereign ID and payments platform. It stores your personal
and payment data with blockchain, so you never have to share it with anyone – not even Nuggets.

That means you can stop worrying about data breaches. If companies don’t have to store
your data, it’s not there to be breached. You can still buy what you want, and use the
services you love. But without worrying about your privacy.

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The ultimate online security

We use blockchain technology, which keeps your details private when you use them to login, pay or verify your ID.

  • No more passwords No passwords or usernames

    Nuggets uses biometrics. You don’t need a username or password at any level.

  • Pay with peace of mind Pay with confidence

    Pay with your usual card, without giving the merchant all your details.

  • Secure Trust-less Network Secure trustless network

    Whichever side of the transaction you’re on, Nuggets guarantees both sides are real and trusted.

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You’re in control

Nuggets means the end of data breaches. Because companies don’t have to store your data.

  • CONTROL YOUR DATA You’re in control

    You no longer have to hand your personal data over to countless companies. Even Nuggets can’t get at it.

  • VERIFY IT’S YOU Verify it’s you

    With Nuggets, you verify your ID with biometrics. No more security questions. This isn’t just easier – it also protects you from identity theft.

  • GOOD FOR EVERYONE Giving back

    We give a cut of every transaction fee to charity. It doesn’t cost you anything.

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Our Partners

We’re building a fast-growing network of partners around the world: banks, payment providers and retailers. Together we’re revolutionizing privacy and security.

  • latpay
  • qfpay
  • xyo

Nuggets Tokens

Nuggets is a tokenized system. As you use it, you earn Nuggets Tokens (NUG). Then you can use these Tokens to pay, or part-pay, for purchases from Nuggets-enabled companies. So NUG have real-world value.

You get NUG when you sign up or refer someone, and when you use Nuggets to login, pay, or verify your ID. You can also earn NUG by choosing to share specific “nuggets” of your data.

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Awards and recognition

2020 Female FinTech Competition Winner

Deutsche Bank, Atos, Google Cloud and TechQuartier

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Mobile Innovation of the Year 2020

Retail Systems Awards

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10 Best Payments Startups Globally


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