Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is required as part of the European Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Nuggets goes beyond the baseline by applying Strong Customer Authentication to every payment, big or small tied to a verified digital identity.

SCA authentication requirements

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) means you need authentication based on two or more elements. These may be:

  • Knowledge – something only the user knows (like a password or PIN)
  • Possession – something only the user possesses (like a phone or hardware token)
  • Inherence – something the user is (like their fingerprint or face)
SCA authentication requirements SCA authentication requirements

How Nuggets complies with SCA

Nuggets authenticates using the user’s verified identity and their biometrics – on every purchase.

  • Inherence: Verified identity and device biometric fingerprint recognition
  • Possession: Verified trusted device, app and identity via ownership of private key signing and verifying
  • Beyond the baseline: biometrically verified identity, multi-factor authentication, private key, stored ID elements, and proof of good actor on every payment – big or small

By intrinsically linking identity and payment from the outset, Nuggets satisfies all the SCA requirements and ensures a frictionless customer journey.

How Nuggets complies with SCA How Nuggets complies with SCA

Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform.

Nuggets is a white-label identity solution. Deploy it the way that makes sense for you and your customers. It integrates with compliance processes, payments and your customer experience.

Consumer-grade and enterprise-ready.

Nuggets is available on Android and iOS, desktop and multiplatform.

Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform. Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform.