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Nuggets tokens

Nuggets is a Tokenized system. Users accrue ‘NUG’ from day one, by downloading the app and using the platform in various ways.

  Nug available on Uniswap  
Nuggets tokens Nuggets tokens

Value your information

Currently, users routinely give away their valuable information to dozens of companies, in return for using the services they love. But NUG will put a real value on that information, reflecting the enormous value it has to companies.

  • Building up Nuggets Tokens Building up Nuggets Tokens

    Users will receive NUG as a reward when they sign up, refer someone to Nuggets, log in, make a payment or verify their ID. They will also receive NUG if they choose to share certain “nuggets” of their private data with merchants.

  • Using Nuggets Tokens Using Nuggets Tokens

    Consumers can use their NUG to buy physical and digital products and services from Nuggets-enabled merchants. So NUG have genuine value.

Value your information Value your information

How consumers will be able to
use NUG

  • Products Products
    • Part-payment for products from e-commerce stores
    • Pay for physical and digital products from e-commerce stores
    • Pay for subscriptions
  • Services Services
    • Transport
    • Utilities
    • Communications
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How merchants will be able
to use NUG

  • Products Products
    • Pre-pay for Nuggets service
  • Services Services
    • Pay transaction fees for payments fulfilled through Nuggets
    • Pay for Customer Login services
    • Pay for Customer ID verification
    • Pay for future Nuggets services
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