The Blockchain Alliance is a public/private forum created by the blockchain community. We’re a broad coalition of companies and organisations united by the goal of making the blockchain ecosystem more secure, while promoting further development of this transformative technology.

More than 30 blockchain companies have come together with over 30 law enforcement and regulatory agencies worldwide, to provide a forum for open dialogue between all three groups. Together, we aim to help combat criminal activity on the blockchain.

The Blockchain Alliance also provides education, technical assistance, and information around digital currencies under the blockchain umbrella.

At Nuggets, we’re all about privacy and security – as well as innovation. We share the Alliance’s belief that a body like this is vital for the continued growth of our industry. Protecting public safety, overturning misconceptions around the industry, and tackling criminal activity on the blockchain, will all spur growth and innovation in the space.

As Alan Cohn, counsel to the Blockchain Alliance, says: “The reputational issues surrounding digital currencies have the potential to impair the growth of applications for blockchain technology, and we wanted to help the industry take proactive steps to address those issues.”

To find out more, see the Blockchain Alliance website.

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Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform. Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform.