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Nuggets insights are often quoted in top publications across the globe. We have pulled together a selection of articles to save you the time in searching.

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Key moments over the past 6 months

The Most Influential Women in Payments

Our Co-founder & COO, Seema Khinda Johnson, has been named as one of Most Influential Women in Payments by PaymentsSource.

This year's honorees demonstrate the importance of women to all aspects of the payments industry and all corners of the globe.

Best innovation in security management

We're delighted to announce that we’ve won 'Best innovation in security management' at the FDATA Open Finance Awards.

In our goal to give users back control of their data, we’re especially proud to have been recognised as the company ‘who has done the most to protect consumer data’.

10 Best Payments Startups

We’ve been nominated as one of the 10 best Payments Startups globally in Efma-Capgemini’s Financial NewTech Challenge 2020.

Set up to uncover the best new fintech solutions, the winners will be selected by combination of a public vote and a judging panel, including representatives from Santander, Caixa Bank and Raiffeisen Bank International.

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Nuggets nominated for five Payments Awards

Nuggets has been shortlisted in five categories at the 2020 Payments Awards. These awards recognise and celebrate companies which have demonstrated excellence and innovation in the payments space - and it’s great to see Nuggets nominated alongside some established names such as HSBC and Xero…

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Verified Digital Identities Would Eliminate £455.8 Million Of Push Payment Frauds

By harnessing biometrically validated identification underpinned by the consensus and immutability of the blockchain and connected to the payment source, push payment fraud can be eradicated…

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Payment and Identity Verification with Blockchain & Biometrics

How does your business manage customer data and identification? As one of the most secure methods of data protection available, blockchain technology has quickly become the industry standard for securely accessing customer information and ensuring it never falls into the wrong hands…

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Who are the UK’s Top 32 Fintech Leaders?

The UK tech sector is in the midst of unparalleled innovation and ingenuity compared to any time in history. New industries and technologies are being introduced or improved every week, and many of the leading firms and entrepreneurs within the sector are driving the change which we are seeing in our everyday lives…

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OIX Welcomes New Member - Nuggets

OIX is very pleased to welcome the Identity Provider “Nuggets” to the OIX community. Nuggets is a decentralised, self-sovereign ID and payments platform. It stores your personal and payment data with blockchain, so you never have to share it with anyone – not even Nuggets…

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Nuggets Co-founder & COO, Seema Khinda Johnson, nominated for ‘Tech Startup (Co)-Founder-to-watch’

We're pleased to announce that Nuggets Co-founder & COO, Seema Khinda Johnson, has been nominated for ‘Tech Startup (Co)-Founder-to-watch’ at The Noonies 2020…

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Enhancing ID Verification for Payments

To help prevent payments-related fraud, better identity verification of merchants and consumers is needed, says Alastair Johnson of Nuggets, a payments and identity management company…

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Facing Change #19: Data Sovereignty with Alastair Johnson

Alastair Johnson, CEO of Nuggets, discusses taking back control of your data and why personal information should be owned and controlled by the person…

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Nuggets nominated for 'Best Use of Blockchain in Financial Services'

We’re delighted to announce that Nuggets has been nominated for 'Best Use of Blockchain in Financial Services' at the Emerging Payments Awards. Held in association with Mastercard, these awards celebrate innovation, collaboration and emerging payments by recognising companies that have made significant advances in how we pay today…

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How biometrics can put an end to identity theft

As the coronavirus continues to disrupt life around the world, consumers are leaning harder than ever on ecommerce for day-to-day essentials. As they do, however, more and more of their personal information is shared online. As a result, individuals have become further exposed to the possibility of identity theft. Fortunately, by harnessing unique biometric identifiers to create verified digital identities that consumers can use online, identity fraud can be stopped in its tracks…

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Nuggets Co-founder & COO, Seema Khinda Johnson, shortlisted for Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year

We're proud to announce that Nuggets Co-founder & COO, Seema Khinda Johnson, has been shortlisted for Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2020 Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the London & East of England region…

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Payment Tied Digital IDs Can Solve Amazon’s Fake Reviews Problem

When searching for a product, we often spend a tremendous amount of time making sure it's good quality. The knee jerk reaction is to go straight for the highest-rated products. After all, with thousands of 5-star reviews, what could go wrong? With the rise of fake reviews, however, it's becoming more challenging to separate fact from fiction. Verified digital IDs fixed to a payment source and upheld by blockchain may offer the means to truly validate reviews…

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Blockchain may facilitate the 'new normal' of contactless parcel delivery

The spread of Covid-19 has changed the handover of online purchases to consumers. With serious concerns about possible infection, contactless delivery, with no signature for goods received, has become the norm. FedEx and UPS stopped signature requirements for deliveries in March, without any reported backlash…

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The Future Of Courier Transportation

We love to talk about where we’ll be in the next few years, but the truth is that nobody really knows what’s going to happen! All we can do is offer our best guess and see where it goes. We live in a world full of ever-changing technology and so this makes it hard to predict anything for sure! But figuring out what could happen over the next few years or even decades it’s something that a business owner or a responsible manager would do…

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Efma-Capgemini Financial NewTech 2020 Watchlist

Nuggets has been included in the Efma-Capgemini Global Financial NewTech 2020 Watchlist. Chosen by a panel of experts from Capgemini and Efma, the Watchlist is made up of 100 Financial NewTechs - startups or scaleups providing a B2B solution for financial institutions - across the globe that will help reshape the financial services landscape in 2020…

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The Power of Biometrically Verified Digital ID with Alastair Johnson of Nuggets

The continued rise of digital transactions and contactless deliveries have made identification is more important than ever…

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Deliveries To People Not Place

With so much of our lives going online, delivery has become a prime factor in many of our daily routines, to ensure we receive essential items as social distancing measures remain in place. This once trivial matter has only grown more critical as the delivery networks continue to cope with unprecedented demand. Now is the time to ruminate on innovation to help streamline ecommerce deliveries in the new normal…

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Pause for Payments

Nuggets Co-founder and COO, Seema Khinda Johnson, was interviewed for the Women in Payments ‘Pause for Payments’ video series. Seema discusses her career journey, including why she started Nuggets…

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Reducing the Gender Gap in the Blockchain Space

Co-founder and COO of Nuggets Seema Khinda Johnson talks with host Georgia Fairweather about her cybersecurity company and what it’s like being a woman in the blockchain sector and how to reduce the gender gap…

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Blockchain ID Solution Aims to Tackle Spike in Delivery Fraud Amid Coronavirus Measures

Nuggets, a digital identity and payments platform, has developed a way to accept deliveries without needing a physical signature to combat a spike in fraud and chargebacks during the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Nuggets brings biometrics to delivery confirmation as industry offers solutions for new working normal

Biometrics continue to be applied to supporting economic re-opening, with new offerings featuring facial recognition and thermal screening for access control, but also biometric confirmation of deliveries, identification of people wearing protective gear, and mobile apps…

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Nuggets fights chargebacks and fraud with biometric contactless delivery

Nuggets has unveiled its new biometrically-verified, contactless delivery tech, which will help retailers tackle mounting fraud and chargebacks fuelled by the COVID-19 outbreak…

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Nuggets wins the Unicorn Challenge

Nuggets Co-founder & COO, Seema Khinda Johnson, showcased the platform to a panel of judges from Santander, JP Morgan, American Express, Innovate Finance and Elavon. Competing against five other fintechs, Nuggets won both the main judges’ award and audience choice award…

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The emergence of Blockchain in Telecoms

Nuggets Founder & CEO, Alastair Johnson was recently interviewed for Capacity Magazine, where he discusses the emergence of blockchain in Telecoms and why he feels it will be the smaller, faster telecommunication companies who make the initial impact in this space…

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Shortlist announced for the 2020 Women in Software Power List

Nuggets Co-founder & COO, Seema Khinda Johnson, has been included on the shortlist for the 2020 Women in Software Power List! Seema is one of six Founders on the list which aims to recognises the top rising stars in the tech industry…

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Seven tech innovations to help run stores in a post-coronavirus world

While store reopenings are set for June 15, retailers are aware that it will not be business as usual. In order to prepare retail spaces to be both safe and efficient, here are some new technologies retailers could use to bolster their reopening plans…

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2020 Awards for Product and Service Innovation – Shortlist

Nuggets has been nominated for The Financial Services Forum’s Product and Service Innovation Awards, in the Security category…

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Contactless Deliveries With Doorstep Verification

In recent weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of businesses around the world to shut up shop, forcing many more people online and having to adapt to sudden and drastic changes to how we socialize, shop, and spend our days…

Read more’s Entrepreneur of the Year

A Q&A with Nuggets Co-founder & COO, Seema Khinda Johnson…

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Retail Systems Awards 2020 - Shortlist

Nuggets has been shortlisted for Mobile Innovation of the Year at the Retail Systems Awards 2020…

Read more’s Entrepreneur of the Year Talks Blockchain and Women in Tech selected Seema Johnson, the co-founder and COO of blockchain-based payments and ID platform Nuggets, as Entrepreneur of the Year in the company’s Technology Playmaker Awards on April 9…

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Seema Khinda Johnson -’s Entrepreneur of the Year

Seema was recognized for demonstrating incredible leadership and entrepreneurial spirit as the co-founder and COO of Nuggets, a payments and ID platform that uses blockchain to define online security and privacy. The judges were impressed by her innovative application of blockchain and biometrics to transform online security, and her contribution to the business’s growth…

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Blockchain Digital ID- Putting people in control of their data

Although some people in life do an extremely convincing job of indicating otherwise, all humans have an identity. This identity comes in many forms, and as modern life has progressed, the ways in which people can identify have multiplied. Technology has now made it easier for people to explore and share their identities…

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The Most Influential Women in Payments, 2020

Listening. Instinct. Focus. These are words often spoken by mentors and clients yet, so rarely taken to heart — unless one takes a big risk such as the one Seema Khinda Johnson took when she left the corporate world to follow her entrepreneurial instincts…

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Efma-Capgemini Financial NewTech Challenge 2020

Nuggets nominated as one of the 10 best Payments Startups globally in Efma-Capgemini’s Financial NewTech Challenge 2020…

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The Device-Free Future Of Payments

Every time I read about the future of payments, commentators are so wedded to what’s next for mobile payments or banking apps that the very notion of device-free payments must seem puzzling to them. However, the reality is that we’re moving toward an age where payments will omit the physical devices that we’ve come to depend on…

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The Most Influential Financial Technology Companies 2020

Nearly 200 companies were shortlisted by our panel of esteemed judges, in what was the most inclusive and far-reaching listing we have ever compiled. Find out who made the top table and hear from those listed in our biggest ever Financial Technologist magazine…

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What will blockchain look like in 2030? The experts speak

In the next decade, finance will be transformed; we’ll get our privacy back; and blockchain will become the norm, say our panel of experts…

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Fintech Friday: Nuggets

Nuggets is helping people take back control of their data. Alastair Johnson, CEO and founder of Nuggets, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about the company’s origins and how they are working to create a more secure internet environment…

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