Businesses worldwide face problems with their platforms

Forgotten passwords, abandoned purchases, omnichannel, chargebacks, identity and payment fraud, false positives, loyalty and rewards…the list goes on.

Fraud is on the rise; $24.26 billion has been lost to card and identity fraud worldwide, and fraudulent chargebacks make up 42% of retail fraud losses. Over $331 billion has been lost or passed up worldwide through false positives.

Reduce losses. Increase revenue

Our payment and identity verification platform minimises regulatory and reputational risks. With Nuggets, you know you’re complying with regulation, including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). It also reduces losses from fraud, false positives and fraudulent chargebacks. And increases revenue. All with the privacy and security of blockchain.

Reduce losses. Increase revenue. Reduce losses. Increase revenue.

Simple and secure payments

With Nuggets, your customers can use various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, direct bank payments, local payment methods and cryptocurrency. And your business is spared the risk and cost of storing customer data.

Simple and secure payments Simple and secure payments

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and a frictionless alternative to 3DS2

SCA is required as part of the European Second Payment Services Directive Two (PSD2). Nuggets meets – and exceeds – this requirement by authenticating with the user’s verified identity and biometrics – on every transaction, big or small. Plus, it gets rid of insecure password, SMS and email verifications.

The result: you can give customers a fully compliant, seamless payment process. Without worrying about significant dropoff, which often happens with 3DS2.

Simple and secure payments Simple and secure payments

More transactions and omnichannel

Trusted and verified transactions mean more successful payments – which means more peace of mind for you.

We also offer mPos with NFC, QR code and audio signal – so there’s no need to pass card details online, in store and over the phone.

More transactions and omnichannel More transactions and omnichannel

Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform.

It’s easy to integrate Nuggets solutions and modules. They can be fully customised and white-labelled, and integrate easily with your existing products and services.

Nuggets is available on Android and iOS, desktop and multiplatform.

Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform. Fully customisable. Easy to integrate. Cross-platform.