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Nuggets Partners

Our global network of partners continues to expand across banks, payment providers and retailers. Together we are creating a fundamental change in personal data, delivering the most secure, convenient service for our customers.

Nuggets Partners Nuggets

Our partners

Our partnership with LatPay enables thousands of merchants to use Nuggets to protect their customers’ personal data.

Combine Nuggets with their mPOS App and you have even greater potential.

Our partnership with QFPay helps them onboard verified trusted merchants quickly and easily, across numerous countries.

Our partnership with XYO will keep e-commerce delivery addresses private. This means we can now offer a completely private end-to-end purchase and delivery process. Nuggets users don’t have to share any personal information with any third parties at any point.

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Let's talk more about how Nuggets can make things simpler, more secure and more rewarding for you and your customers alike. Give us a few details and we’ll get back to you ASAP.